Bletchley Park – The Intelligence Factory

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Bletchley Park – The Intelligence Factory

Marcon completed the Design and Build contract alongside RAA for Bletchley Parks largest ever exhibition – The Intelligence Factory.

The interactive exhibition focuses on objects, human stories, and thrilling moments of interaction from Bletchley Park’s wartime operations from 1942 to 1945, as it rapidly increased its multi-skilled workforce to meet operational demands.

Shining a spotlight on the incredible personal stories behind the people who worked across the site, the exhibition throws visitors into the action at the peak of Bletchley Park’s operations.

Highlights of the exhibition include recently discovered wartime footage; an unusual insight into the Naval Plotting Room which once housed Britain’s maritime codebreakers and a closeup look at wartime machinery including a Hagelin C-38s and an original Hollerith machine.


Bletchley Park Trust


Ralph Appelbaum Associates


Milton Keynes


14 weeks