Out of Stores Exhibition at Titanic Belfast

Marcon Heritage / Out of Stores Exhibition at Titanic Belfast

Out of Stores Exhibition at Titanic Belfast

Marcon successfully completed this temporary exhibition bringing ‘out of stores’ some of the objects donated by the public and salvaged through conservation and restoration projects, unearthing and displaying a collection of artefacts kept in trust by Titanic Foundation.

With shipyard-related objects ranging from a 1912 penny to wooden panelling from the largest Titanic artefact in the world – its tender ship SS Nomadic – the display had to cater for a multitude of materials and sizes.

Recessed trestle tables showcase tools and paper ephemera too delicate for open display. Other objects like a diving suit and model diesel engines are seen in public for the first time, kindly provided on loan from Belfast Harbour Commissioners and National Museums Northern Ireland

Marcon’ heritage team managed the specialist fit-out and manufactured all of the specialist joinery and plinths for the various types of displays.


Titanic Belfast


2 weeks




Titanic Foundation