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New Exhibition uncovered at The Burren Centre

The unveiling of the Burren Centre’s upgraded exhibition marks a milestone in the preservation and promotion of Ireland’s unique natural and cultural heritage.

Marcon were delighted to complete the exhibition fit out of the Burren Centre in Kilfenora, County Clare.

From its opening in 2001, the Burren Centre in Kilfenora, County Clare, has offered the essential introduction to the world-famous Burren region. The Burren UNESCO Global Geopark is the site of thousands of years of history.  This is reflected in its megalithic tombs, forts, castles, and other ancient monuments that are still standing today, some older than Egypt’s pyramids. It features the largest expanse of limestone pavement in the world.  It is also home to an immense diversity in natural life and biodiversity with over 70% of Ireland’s species of flowers found there.

Located on the edge of this incredible natural landscape, in the historic village of Kilfenora, the Burren Centre is well-positioned to be the ‘gateway’ visitor experience into the Burren.

The exhibition now boasts an array of intricately detailed environments, transporting visitors from lush valleys to rugged limestone landscapes, mirroring the region’s diverse ecology.

Our fit out brings all these treasures and history to life through the manufacture and installation of bespoke set works, interpretive graphic panels, engaging interactives, models, and artefacts on display.

Interpretive graphic panels throughout the exhibition space offer a wealth of information, unravelling the secrets of the Burren’s geological formations, unique flora, and rich history.

These panels guide visitors through the Burren’s evolution, highlighting its role in Irish heritage and culture, as well as its ecological significance.

For those seeking a captivating journey through the heart of Ireland’s natural wonders and cultural heritage, the Burren Centre’s newly completed fit-out is a must-see destination.


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