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Workplace Health and Wellbeing Recognition Award

Marcon are delighted to receive the Workplace Health and Well Being Recognition Award from NI Chest Heart and Stroke!!

The award recognises our approach towards positive mental health and well being of our employees and colleagues.

Marcon formed a Wellbeing Committee 10 months ago. It is made up of 3 trained Health and Wellbeing Champions, and team members from each department who work in collaboration with the Public Health Agency through the Chest Heart and Stroke, Live Well, Work Well Scheme.

The aim of Work Well Live Well is to help local workplaces improve the health and wellbeing of their employees through personalised support. The programme begins by carrying out a health and wellbeing survey of the workplace, analysing the results to determine health priorities and developing a bespoke, 3-year health action plan for our team.

The team have implemented several initiatives over the last 10 months to help improve our overall workplace health and wellbeing, which range from health checks and mental health first aid training to group physiotherapy sessions and team building days to name a few.

SHEQ Manager at Marcon, Andy Watson, commented; “Through our external partnership with NI Chest Heart and Stroke Work Well Live Well scheme we have made a long-term commitment to support the health and wellbeing of our staff.    Our strategy is to embed positive mental health and wellbeing in our ways of working, through enhancements to policies and improvements on how we record and monitor health data; maintaining awareness through ongoing safety alerts and information and encouraging open discussion through our quarterly committee meetings.”

Colleen Scullion, Business Improvement Manager continued: “We are proud of the culture we are creating through this scheme.  Prioritising employee health and wellbeing is critical to people achieving their full potential and it’s a privilege to win this award in recognition of this.  We would also like to thank Marcon directors for fully supporting these initiatives.”

Director at Marcon, Mark McElroy commented: “Over the last few years there is a definite focus on employees physical and mental health, particularly since Covid.  We want to foster a culture that enables positive mental health and wellbeing and inclusion. Recognizing the importance of employee wellbeing is essential.  As well as morally being the right thing to do for the health and wellbeing of the team, it also improves productivity and reduces staff turnover.  It’s great to see the team taking advantage of these initiatives which they have been finding beneficial.   Congratulations on this award and we are looking forward to the plans for next year!”.